Search Entrepreneurs – Health Care Hiring Boom Projected To Continue, Regardless of Law

13 04 2012

Speaker Pelosi on Health Care Reform and Medic...

Search Entrepreneurs – Health Care Hiring Boom Projected To Continue, Regardless of Law

Healthcare recruiters are sitting in a good seat, as more news of the growth in their niche continues to be reported on.  Kaiser Health News just delivered a report basically stating that whether healthcare reform laws stay in tact or not, demands in healthcare and health-care employment will continue to grow.  Read the full post as it was picked up by TLNT.

We won’t take the time here to debate the pros and cons of healthcare reform, but baby boomers ARE getting older, and the demand is continuing to grow as we have anticipated all along.  Much of the data and statistics reported are straight from the Department of Labor‘s own numbers, and these are some hefty number no matter how you slice them.

With this demand comes the obvious need for recruiting services, and as the sector continues to grow it is also expanding and opening up new avenues for those recruiting in the niche to branch out into even more profitable areas.

Check out some of these metrics:

  • Hospitals will likely add nearly a million jobs between 2010 and 2020 growing 17 percent
  • Doctor offices and other healthcare pros may hire 1.4 million people by 2020, a 36 percent increase
  • Home health care jobs will jump by 872,000, or 81 percent
  • Total jobs in ambulatory care will grow by 2.7 million by 2020, or 44 percent

Over the last 5 years, acute care recruiting was the top biller, but there are signs that preventive and primary care recruiting may be the trend to watch as the population gets older and these types of services become more needed.

Even through the recession, health care grew.  While the economy did fall by 2 percent over all in the previous decade, healthcare grew by a fourth.

The bottom line here is that health care is still a growth industry and no matter what happens to the overall economy or the 2010 Affordable Care Act, it is expected that almost one out of nine jobs here in the US will be in health care by 2020.  And in shear numbers, this means that more than 7 million new workers will be needed, including more than 1 million nurses.


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13 04 2012

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